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Clustering units of competency for learning and assessment can help RTOs or education facilities to produce strategies that have benefits for the learner as well as realise significant efficiency benefits for their organisation.


Instructional Design and Mastery Learning

Instructional Design is the analyses of learning needs and the systematic development of learning to meet those needs.

Mastery learning may or may not be considered as one of the instructional design models.  If mastery of learning is applied the learner does not move on to another unit of work until they are deemed competent in the unit they are completing.

Reasonable Adjustment

This course assists trainers to meet the requirements of the Australian Training Standards and support their learners to gain competency requirements in Training Packages.  

Reasonable adjustment refers to any modification made in the learning environment, assessment requirements, training delivery or assessment methods which is implemented to assist students with disability to access and participate in education and training on the same basis as those with no disability.